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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My New Klutziest Moment ....In Story Form.

"Gabbi.... is a Klutz"
By Gabrielle

Once upon a time (aka, last Monday at lunch), Gabrielle was sitting at her lunch table, talking and having a blast with her many amazing friends. Lunch was drawing to a close, so she felt the need to take her trash to the trashcan. Because she was in such a good mood, she decided to skip there and back. On the way back, a terrible thing happened: Gabbi was rounding the corner and lost her balance. She slipped. As she fell, she tripped over a chair, flopping on the table behind her, and nearly hitting a girl. As she stood up in embarrassment, her entire table started laughing. "That didn't just happen," she said. Even worse, one of her friends sitting at her table started clapping! "You guys are supposed to be clapping with me!" he said to the rest of the table. They did, but it didn't stop there. A nearby table caught on, and then another, and then other, till the entire cafeteria was clapping and cheering at her, since she was still standing up. Gabrielle turned as red as a tomato.
The end.

Yes, that actually did happen to me.

Song of the day: "Born This Way" -Lady GaGa