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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Vantage Point

My Vantage Point


There's madness in the world.

Madness of all kind.

Look at the world around you.

It's not that hard to find.

There's earthquakes and diseases,

Fires and oil spills,

Racism and massacres,

Overflowing landfills.

The people themselves are the worst;

Loud and mean and cruel.

With all the hate in the world,

There's almost always a duel.

But I see none of that;

It's non-existent to me.

The world in which I live,

Is beautiful and carefree.

Warm colored sunsets,

And brightly colored flowers.

There's beauty all around me,

There's beauty at all hours.

Acres of green grass,

Skies so terribly blue,

Raindrops and rainbows,

A deep, warm sun too.

The people in this world

Are most beautiful of all.

People of all sizes,

Some big, others small.

Each amazing

In their own special way.

Unique and terrific,

Great from day to day.

Case in point, evil,

Is what a lot of people see.

But me, I see beauty,

Beauty all around me.

Song of the Day: "Emergency" -Paramore


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